Panzer IV Ausf. F1/G/H to assemble and paint

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The Panzer IV, an iconic German tank of the Second World War, fought from the invasion of Poland to the fall of Berlin. The Panzer IV was constantly updated. By the middle of the war, it was equipped with a 75 mm cannon giving it greater striking power and mobility, and its armor had been doubled in places, greatly increasing its survivability. By the time of the massive battles in Russia in the middle of the war, the Pz IV was also equipped with removable side armor known as "schürzen". This armor responded to the threat posed by Russian anti-tank guns and, later, Allied weapons.

You can choose to build your Panzer IV (1/56th scale) in one of three different variants:

- The Ausf. F1 with short barrel.

- The long-barreled Ausf. G long-barreled, with its characteristic ball-brake, used mainly in the desert and on the Russian front.

- The Ausf H. Very present on the battlefields at the end of the war, the Ausf H is one of the most emblematic Panzers of the war.

As with other Bolt Action plastic vehicles, this kit is highly detailed and easy to build. It makes a sturdy play piece and will also appeal to painters and modelers.

The Panzer IV comes with a comprehensive sheet of water-based decals, allowing you to finish your new tank to perfection!

Please note: Models are delivered unassembled and unpainted.